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High quality, durable, aluminum replacement windows for Houston homes. Aluminum windows are affordable,  durable, energy efficient and enhance the aesthetics of your home.  Our double-paned aluminum replacement windows are strong and will look just like new for years to come. Aluminum is a lightweight material but very strong and has low corrosivity, resistant to rusting and decoloration.

Features of our aluminum replacement windows are:

  • A heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Reduced heat transfer based on the sash and frame segregation as designed
  • Heat transfer from the outside to the inside glass is further reduced via Heat Reflector dual-seal insulating glass
  • Twice the amount of weatherstripping reduces air, dust, noise, and allergens from air coming into your home from the outside
  • Forced entry resistant from outside due to a specialized zinc locking system

ENERGY STAR CERTIFIEDHomeowners in Houston can enjoy a high quality, durable, aluminum replacement windows have ENERGY STAR® certified. Give us a call to find out more about our high-quality aluminum replacement windows and learn more about Unique Windows, Doors & Siding.

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